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Cemetery Preservation Services

Restore, Raise & Re-level

Monument Solutions provides services to cover everything and anything that has to do with cemeteries. From monuments, headstones and markers to their related items such as vases, marble statuary, etc. We are able to raise & re-level granite, marble and sandstone monuments up to 16,000 pounds. Additionally, we are able to re-assemble and re-set monuments and statues that have already fallen over.

Many cemetery items are extremely heavy but also extremely fragile when it comes to chipping, scratching or breaking. Therefore, it’s best to leave their preservation process in the hands of someone with experience and know-how.



Another service Monument Solutions provides is refinishing. We have developed a process that enables us to re-finish and restore bronze markers to “like-new” condition. Our clients can hardly believe their eyes when we are finished. As preservation artists, we love to tackle those old grungy, lichen and dirt covered marble statues and restore their beauty and delicate artwork. For us, it’s like bringing them back to life!

Thank you for all your hard work, you guys are awesome.
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